Monday, December 29, 2008

A perfect outfit

You all know what I'm talking about. It's that moment when you put together an outfit where everything just flows together, without looking like you tried too hard. It's a really satisfying feeling, to be comfortable and confident in the clothes that you wear, and sometimes it feels like these moments of greatness are few and far between. Here's an outfit where I felt like everything worked harmoniously together, like a team if you will. And I will.

Wool-blend peacoat by Banana Republic. Mine is actually a gorgeous cream color, but they're all sold out. However, they have some other colors that are also quite lovely.

Matilda top in vanilla by Layers Clothing. This top is so feminine and lovely and so vintage. At this point we all know I'm obsessed.

Jillian skirt in black by Layers Clothing. Same explanation as above. YAYA.

Sparkle & Fade Nylon V Striped Tights in black at Urban Outfitters. I like the unpredictability of the pattern. It gives this vintage look a kick of modernization, yet still flows with the whole ensemble.

Elivate booties by Steve Madden. Um, one of my best surprises of Christmas (along with my Holga camera) this pair is so pretty, I hesitated to even take them out of the box. But I did, and loved every minute of it. I'd probably wear them every day if the pesky snow would go away. Don't want to ruin the leather.

Didn't husband do a great job this year? I think he did. And I think I'll be wearing "the outfit" a lot a lot a lot in the months (and who am I kidding, YEARS) to come.


caitlin said...

Love love LOVE those boots! Wear them every chance you get!

Katie said...

I was just wondering if these booties run pretty true to size. I have some other steve madden boots that are fairly true to size, and some high heels that run a little small. Just wondering where they fall in the size range?

lauren said...

you should definitely order a size up. i'm usually a 7 and mine are a 7.5.

Katie said...


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