Friday, January 9, 2009

Addressing insecurities part two: the thighs

Today's installment will discuss the tips and tricks to dressing a thicker-thighed woman, aka a pear-shaped woman. A pear-shaped women carries her weight in her thighs, and typically has a thinner waist and upper body. This body type is that which was most lauded and loved by the artists of the Renaissance, and has traditionally been held to represent fertility. Which is all lovely and grand and should be celebrated, in a way that is most flattering to your body.

As noted in part one, the goal is to take the hard emphasis away from the more voluptuous areas (in this case, the thighs) of your body and accentuate the other incredible features of your body. By doing so we actually compliment your curves, but balance them out a bit.


When selecting a dress, a pear-shaped girl should always choose an a-line shape in a darker or neutral color. The two dresses below have detailing at the waist, which further highlights its thinness, whilst pulling away from your fuller thighs. This creates an elongated, but curvy silhouette that is quite flattering to the body. [Tip: add a 2 inch or taller heel to further elongate your shape.]

Left, Right


One of the many benefits of having a pear-shaped frame is the myriad of options you have when choosing tops. Tops with color and/or texture are great for your frame because it creates some balance and dimension. Cardigans with detailing (such as bigger buttons or fabric embellishment) or vivid colors are a great way to highlight and draw the eye to your skinnier half. You can also play with a lot of different fabrics and textures. The only thing you want to stray from are tops that are too long that will bifurcate your thigh area. Your tops should never reach beyond your hips.

Left, Right

Left, Right


When selecting bottoms, stick with darker shades, as these tend to be the most flattering and work the best with vibrant and more complicated tops. When choosing a pant, stick with a trouser or boot-cut style. The wideness of the leg balances out the voluptuousness of your thighs, creating a more harmonious and proportionate silhouette. When selecting a skirt, stick to a nice, a-line shape in a darker color. Have fun with heels to further lengthen and highlight your delightful frame.

Left, Right

Left, Right

So there you have it ladies, embrace your beautiful bodies and go out and shop, shop, shop! :)


Shannon said...

This was for me. Thank you much! Although, question: I HATE it when my shirts are that short; I feel like I'm always tugging and pulling them down. And I feel like shorter shirts make my rear end and hips look ginormous. Maybe I've just got problem spots all over. Hmmm.

lauren said...

i'm thinking you're probably a little too hard on yourself, because from what I've seen, it doesn't look like you have any problem areas. and if you're not loving the knee-length skirt idea, i would shoot for a tea-length (meaning its length should fall to mid-calf) skirt or dress with a slight a-line. hope that helps. :)

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