Thursday, February 5, 2009

Makeup brushes part two

Here are the rest of my recommendations for basic brushes.



Now for some fun ones. For a great eyeshadow brush for your crease, I highly favor the MAC 219 Pencil Brush. The angle of the brush is perfect for adding eyeshadow to the crease of your eyelid.

I also love brow brushes. You can go high end, with this gem from the queen of eyebrows, Anastasia (I like this one because you get two brow brushes in one), or go the frugal route by just thoroughly washing an old mascara wand and using it.

Eye liner brushes are also great if you like to play around with eyeliner and dislike using the pencil form. This brush from Bare Escentuals is great because it is curved to accommodate your eye shape.

Last, but not least, I heart lip brushes. Especially ones that are retractable, because they can be thrown in your purse with your favorite red lipstick. This one from MAC is currently my favorite.

So there you have it; I hope my couple of posts has inspired you to go out into the world of brushes and have a little fun. Because, believe you me, it can be really fun.

P.S. Yes, I realize that I am pretty obsessed with MAC, but that's because it's the best. It's young, high quality without being completely unaffordable and has myriad products that pretty much satisfy any makeup need you may have. I hope I can eventually convert you all to the wonderful world that is MAC makeup.


Jimmy and Lindsey said...

I have those 2 eye brushes! They are a must!! I love them!!

Kenna said...

Confession: I LOVE the Bare Minerals brush. Sometimes I just rub it on my face 'cause it feels so soft...

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