Monday, February 9, 2009

An outfit for less than $100

I don't think I need to tell you all that we're living in meager economic times. It seems as if we all have to be more conscientious and practical with our funds these days. Thus, I have undertaken the task of creating a lovely outfit for under $100. I hope you like it.

Pintucked V Neck Dress ($19.80)

Jolene Mesh Tights ($6.80)

Patent Crocodile Peep Toe Heel ($20.99)

Urban Renewal Taffeta Bow Clutch ($24.99)/Elastic Lace Bow Headwrap ($12.99)

FF Hoop Earrings ($1.50)/Mixed Media Bracelet Set ($4.80)

So there you have it. This outfit rings in at $91.87, which isn't too shabby I'd say. Without any accessories, this outfit comes in under 50 dollars at $47.59. Because of course, you don't have to buy all of the pieces, perhaps you have items you could incorporate into the outfit that you already own. The point is that you can still find great clothing items and accessories for a great price.

P.S. Do you guys like this outfit? Do you want me to do more of this kind of thing? Let me know. :)


Kenna said...

Now that is impressive.

Can I hire you?

Caitlin said...

I like it!

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