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The eyes have it: eyeshadow 101, part one

This eyeshadow 101 installment is for my beautiful brown eyed girls.

But before I get into the specifics, I want to show you something:

This is a diagram of the eye as it pertains to eyeshadow application. I will refer to these specific regions throughout these posts, so I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page before we get started. (Besides, aren't visuals so fun?)

Typically, the objective of wearing eyeshadow is to enhance your eyes, not detract from them. I know you've all seen that girl whose eyes seem to just "have it." Where all you notice is how her brown/green/blue/hazel eyes just seem to sparkle. I'm here to help you achieve this same sparkle. Here goes...

Eyeshadow 101, part one: Beautiful Brown Eyed Girls

All while growing up, I was warned against being too "matchy-matchy." Be it with clothes (though I did have this brilliant phase in which I had an entire pastel green outfit from Gap Kids-- we're talking overalls, shirt, socks, shoes AND hair accessories) or with makeup, I have read countless articles that have practically banned me from being too literal, too "matchy."

However, you brown eyed babes are in luck, because in the world that is eyeshadow, you can and should use browns and bronzes to accentuate your eye color. Greens are also an excellent option for you, because their tones are harmonious with your chocolicious eyes. These lovely earth tones (browns, bronzes and greens) are your license to stun.

Since I was a wee lass, my mother taught me the importance of using multiple eyeshadow colors to add dimension to my lids. She started me out with some Covergirl eyeshadow kits that contained complimentary colors (typically shadows from the same color family in varying hues), so that I could learn how to make them all work together.

I will provide you with a simple example involving colors that work brilliantly with brown eyes. The shadows that will be used in this example are all from MAC:


Honey Lust


{I apologize that the images I found do not really show the difference in shade of Retrospeck and Honey Lust. Retrospeck is about two shades lighter than Honey Lust, and Honey Lust has a lot more of a metallic punch to it.}

For an everyday eye

Step One: use Retrospeck on lids and lightly (meaning a superfine dusting) on the underbrow region (I personally like to refer to this area as the brow bone, but we'll go with the terms of the diagram for now.)
Step Two: use Tempting in the crease
Step Three: blend, Blend, BLEND
(You should never be able to see a line of demarcation between eyeshadow colors, rather, it should appear fluid. Like you're using one continuous eyeshadow with different shades.)

For a dramatic eye

Step One: use Honey Lust on the lids
Step Two: use Retrospeck on the underbrow, in a slightly thicker application than on the everyday eye
Step Three: use Tempting on the crease, and into the corners of the outer lid
Step Four: BLEND until you can blend no more
(If you so desire, use your favorite black or dark brown liner to accompany the shadow.)

Make sense? It's really quite simple and intuitive after some practice. Since I have provided you with some options in the browns/bronze range, here are a few that I heart in the green family:

MAC Eyeshadow Duo in Brightside/Gallery Gal

MAC Eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive

{I do apologize that I tend to always use MAC products in my examples... the fact is, this brand provides a lot of colors to choose from, so you almost always find exactly what you're looking for.}

If on a budget, I think Covergirl puts out a great product for the price point. I especially like Covergirl's 4-Kit Shadows in Country Woods, and think it could work quite well. I also think that their 1-Kit Shadow colors in Kaboom Kelly, Brown Smolder and Swiss Chocolate would be great additions to any eyeshadow collection.

Stay tuned for part two, where we will foray into the glorious world that is green eyes.

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