Friday, April 24, 2009

An outfit for less than $100

For this installment, I tried to go for a laid-back, summery outfit. Casual, but still feminine and fun. It turned out a bit more monochromatic than I had anticipated, but I still think that it works. Plus, the total cost of this ensemble is only $89.59. Take that, recession!

Mossimo Flower Child Hobo Bag ($24.99)
{I think the patterned version could be really great... if you're feeling ambitious.}

lov(ed)-lovely vintage hair pins ($5.00)
{I think either of these options would work beautifully.}


Kenna said...

Seriously, when I am skinny you are going to be my personal stylist.

Liv said...

I see great earrings like that and sometimes wish I had pierced ears.

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