Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer is coming part two

And at last I return.

I won't lie, Maui was wonderful, and you better believe I SPF 30'd the heck out of my skin... and still managed to get a nice little tan. And believe me, it's nice to have the piece of mind knowing that I'm protecting (or, at the very least, trying to) my skin for the future. (If only I would have started earlier!)

Anyway, I am back to pick up where I left off concerning swimwear. Let's get into it, shall we?

Category 2: Tankinis

The benefits of a tankini are quite similar to those of the bikini-- it's easier to custom fit the suit to your body... you can mix and match your tops and bottoms for a unique look... etc. The main difference (and, many would argue, advantage) to wearing a tankini over wearing a bikini is coverage (and, if you grew up in a family like my own, modesty).

Let's be honest, most of us have areas of our body that we are not 100% confident about. Areas that we would like to delicately conceal in order to feel comfortable. A tankini is a great way to utilize this idea while maintaining the benefits of a two piece swimming suit. (And you can always pull it up to tan that stomach. For realsies.)

I guess the cons of this style could also be coverage, if you just love the lack thereof that is the bikini. Also, this style is a little more difficult to find, which can always be discouraging. Other than that, I really think that the tankini takes the positives of the bikini and the one piece (which I will address later) and fuses them together. You may disagree... but I think it's definitely an option worth exploring. (And it just may give your mother some piece of mind. He hee.)

Here are a few of my current favorites:

Clementine ($42 Top, $26 Bottom)

Solid halter tank top ($55.00)
{I would pair this with the Solid glamour bikini bottom ($38.00)}

Seaside seersucker swing tank top ($50.00)
{Pair it with the Seaside seersucker string hipster ($29.99)}

Halter tankini top with low-rise tanga bottom
($25 Top, $14.50 Bottom)
{I would choose the yellow stripe or the yellow dot patterned bottoms to have a little fun with it.}

So there you are... a few options that will work for most body types that are still flirty, fun and modern.

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