Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's in your bag?

I decided that it might be fun to do a bit on an interactive activity for the blog. I know I've been slacking a bit as of late, but I'd really like the five of you who still read this to participate, because I think it'll be fun.

I'm asking you, my lovely readers to grab your purses, empty whatever contents may be inside, and take a photo of it. Send the photo to me {[at]gmail[dot]com} with an explanation of the contents, and I will post it on here.

I'll start...

First off, the bag. It's one of my favoritest, and is from Anthropologie. This version is no longer available, but find a similar one in a lovely summery print (on sale, no less) here.

Then there's my iPhone (personal cell), my Blackberry (work cell), my pepper spray (never leave home without it), my favorite pen I stole from my old office and my planner.

My wallet is from Urban, and I talked about it in this post. I never leave home without my Studio Fix in C3, Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer and lotion and lipgloss-- NARS gloss in Pillow Talk and C.O. Bigelow clear gloss. And my favorite gum of the moment, which happens to be Trident Extra Care. Last but not least are my headphones.

Well, that's what's it my bag. What's in yours?

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Shannon said...

Have you heard of this gal?:

just wondering.

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