Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Frugal and fashionable finds at Forever 21

Since I have lately found myself on the "wife-putting-her-husband-through-law-school" budget, I have tried to pare down my fashion sensibility to incorporate more inexpensive options. This means that I have to often draw from other sources beyond my good old standby. And personally, it's been a fun exercise for me, to rediscover shops I loved so much in college and to take advantage of the fun and flirty trends for spring.

Enter Forever 21. Now this is a store that I have always loved, but especially lately, as they have recently introduced the fabulous Love 21 line and amped up their existing Twelve by Twelve line. Below are some of my current favorite items, made doubly lovely by their thoroughly affordable price tags.

(Click on each picture below to view the item on the F21 website.)

1 comment:

Twila said...

Love the blue rain coat. I need one. I should definitely try to purchase this one.


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