Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've always been drawn to books. The feel, the smell, the contents (of course). Which is why I fell head over heels for each tome created for the Penguin Classics Clothbound series.

Each work is individually designed and wrapped in such a way that the outside of the book becomes as much of a work of art as the inside.

I finally broke down and ordered eight of them (and am anxiously awaiting the release of two more beautiful books in September) because I found a great deal on Amazon. You can see all of my picks at my aStore below.

I can't wait to display them atop my piano framed with some fabulous bookends.


Shannon said...

i forgot to ask yesterday if you paly the piano. and i think these books will look stunning. soooo jealous (in a non-envious, good way).

Annah said...

OOoh beautiful. I have a book stand where those books would look BEAUTIFUL in.

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