Thursday, February 19, 2009

To wallpaper or not to wallpaper, that is the question

If you haven't noticed already, wallpaper is making a comeback. (If you thought it never went out of style, please see me immediately.) Personally, I tend to stray away from it, but lately it's been rather tempting to jump on the wallpaper train.

I don't know if I ever will actually do it (because, let's be honest, putting up and taking down wallpaper is the biggest pain in the you-know-where) but if I were to do it, I would use it as an accent in a room, not as the focal point. I would paper one wall (most likely the smallest wall in the room) and no more. That being said, here are a few patterns I have found that I heart (though I may find such designs to be more desirable for window treatments, etc. but you may disagree) that I will now share with you all.

As I said, I probably will never get into the whole wallpaper movement, but never say never. There are a lot of fun and interesting patterns out there that may just be perfect when husband and I have a place of our own. Shrug.

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Kenna said...

I have seen some awesome patterns out there lately and have a slew of ideas in mind for that day when I OWN my own home and can do whatever I want to it.

However, I have a feeling that it will either be a.) out of style by that time or b.) I'll be fatter and more lazy and won't want to deal with the hassle.

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