Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A purely purse post

that I dedicate to Shan, who wanted help with finding some good quality purses that are more on the conservative end, that also have a mild price range. Said purses are to function as a daily purse (which is why I have only included bags that are in neutrals such as black and brown) and are to be in the hobo-esque style. I have scoured the internet at places that I trust to deliver a good product and will now share my results with you.

Price Range #1: Under $50

This is the most attainable and probably the most common price range these days, and the place I like to go for handbags in this price range is Forever 21. Last year I bought a purse from there for our New York trip... a grey, faux leather bag (for $20, no less) that I thought was super cute. And let me tell you something, I slung that thing around the streets of New York City and now use it as my daily bag, and it's still in amazing condition; I've had it almost a year and there are absolutely no signs of wear.

So I think Forever 21 is a great place to start. My one caution would be to examine the look and the feel of the bag you're thinking of purchasing. If it looks cheap, it'll undoubtedly be cheap. If it looks nice, it's most likely made of better materials and will last you longer (like my lovely grey bag). Below are a few gems I found that I think fit Shan's criteria.

Maylee Leather Tote in Black ($22.80)
(A great everyday bag that can take you from day to night. Also comes in a lovely brown color.)

Jayne Faux Leather Tote in Brown ($22.80)
(A good professional purse that would be perfect for the office. Though honestly, I think it may be just a tinge too professional for me.)

H81 Mocha Hobo in Dark Brown ($24.90)
(A casual yet chic option that is thoroughly functional and durable. One of my personal favorites.)

Jolyn Faux Leather Handbag in Dark Brown ($34.80)
(With a removable shoulder strap, this bag is versatile and goes with practically everything. There's also a black version.)

Price Range #2: $50-$100

In my mind, the best place to look for handbags in this price range is Urban Outfitters. My sister owns lots of Urban purses and loves them all. I have always been impressed by the selection they have, and they offer lots of options within this price range. Another place to look is the Brass Plum section of Nordstrom. I bought a lovely bag there about four years ago that I also used as my backpack for college. It served me well. (I couldn't find anything on their online store, but if you're already at the mall and there happens to be a Nordstrom close by, it may be worth your while.) I could only find a couple of options from Urban that I think would work (and have gotten amazing reviews online) but they're really pretty.

Deux Tab Handle Bag in Brown ($68.00)
(I think there's something so beautiful about the braiding detail of the handles. I love getting a piece that's pretty classic that has a bit of a twist.)

Deux Filigree Shoulder Bag in Sienna ($68.00)
(Again, love the subtle detailing and the rich color. And yay for removable shoulder straps.)

Price Range #3: $100-$200

I have to admit I have never spent this much on a purse before. Jeans and shoes, yes. Purses, nope. The reason I include this price point is merely to explore a couple more options, and one of them happens to be on sale. Nordstrom is a great place to look for designer (and non-designer) handbags for a deal, since they always have a few great purses on sale. And every so often Anthropologie will have a few bags that fall within this range. (Though I couldn't find any this go-around that would work with this post.) So here's a couple from Nordstrom that I thought were interesting.

Beckon Pebble Grain Pleated Hobo in Cognac ($129.90)
(I like the sheer simplicity and functionality of this purse. And you can't beat real leather. You just can't.)

Beckon Soft Bow Pleated Tote in Black ($168.00)
(Okay, I had to include this one because I heart the bow. And it seems quite spacious, which is always a plus.)

There you have it my dears. I hope you have enjoyed my little venture into purse perusing. Shan, I hope this post has been helpful to you and provided you with some options you like. (If not, let me know, and I'll go hunting again.)


Kenna said...


No joke, this made me want to go out and buy a new purse...

Shannon said...

This purely purse post was perfect, and personally, I prefer every one of them. (okay, enough alliteration. It was fun while it lasted, though.)
I LOVE the Deux Filigree Shoulder Bag in Sienna. It's my fav. Slightly out of my price range, but a girl can dream. I am also loving Jolyn Faux Leather Handbag in Dark Brown, H81 Mocha Hobo in Dark Brown, and the Maylee Leather Tote in Black. Good choices. But then again, I knew they would be--that's why I asked. THANK YOU for your expertise and your help! I am excited let you know what I go with.

lauren said...

wahoo! glad you liked them. and yes, please let me know what you go with. good luck with the purse hunt. :)

Liv said...

ROSS and TJMaxx also have designer-quality purses! Prices are less steep too, but you can still get the actual purse you want. I have a Nine West purse from ROSS that I've used for work, school, church whatever. It's held up well and was only $25.

lauren said...

another great idea. thanks for the tip, liv!

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