Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's all about the BioFit

I used to be kind of a "bra brat." You know, the type of girl who has to get her bras from a certain place and utterly refuses to shop anywhere else. That being said, I'd buy less than one a year (if I'm being totally honest, I think the most bras I have owned at one time is about 3) and still wear it when the cups began to fail and "lumpiness" ensued.

Why, you ask? Well, let's say the bras I like cost around 45 bucks. Say I have $45, but I'm passing by the Anthropologie window and see that the sale racks are teeming with clothes. Or I pass by Aldo and see that they have a pair of platform pumps that have just been marked down. Where is my money going to go?

(I'll give you a hint... NOT to a new bra. Shhh. Don't tell ok?)

I realized I had a problem when my dear husband asked me if I could please buy a new bra, because the one I was wearing was "lumpy." Oh jeez, I thought he hadn't noticed. I needed an intervention, and an intervention is exactly what I got.

On Saturday, I entered the scantily-clad, fuchsia walls of the nearest Victoria's Secret ready to buy not one, but TWO bras. (I know right? What a breakthrough.) I meandered around for about ten minutes lost in the world that is brassieres, hoping for some divine inspiration to hit me and reveal to me which bra was the right bra. Instead, I ended up going to a sales associate and trying on what they affectionately like to call the "bra box," which is a sampling of every bra they carry in a specific size. (I will now over-share with everyone and tell you that the last time I got a bra fitting, I was told I was a 30A. This time I think she agreed with me, though she said a 32A "might" work. Whatever. It's hard to find bras that fit me.)

But that's when I found IT. The bra of all bras. Can I tell you how great it fit? How there was no gapping or overflowing? (Which overflowing never really happens in my case, but sometimes I do get surprised.)

Without further adieu, I present you with the BioFit Uplift Bra. (I wanted to provide a picture, but I couldn't find one that didn't look semi-erotic. You know how that goes.) I think it is the most amazing bra of all the bras. And yes, it does retail for $45. But online, some colors are on sale for $33.50. And at the store, if you try on Heidi Klum's "signature bra" (which didn't even come in my cup size, so that was a fun little adventure) you get a five dollar off coupon. And since I bought two, I got $15 off the second one. Plus, I had a gift card, so my total was only about $40. Yaya.

The point of this whole post is to stress the importance of a good bra. I know that for me, it was easy to let this aspect of my wardrobe slide. But when your husband notices you've got a ghetto bra on, you know it's gotta be bad. So please, do your chests a favor and lovingly surround them with a high-quality bra. And that is all I have to say about that.


Liv said...

DANG girl. I could've told you to try Victoria's Secret :) I'm so glad you had a successful experience there! It's the only place I shop for bras. I tried the Calvin Klein outlet over the weekend and BOO. Not good. I will always be a Vicky's girl. The sales are phenom. And my roomie in college worked there so sometimes we used her discount and get hooked up.

Shannon said...

thank you for the tips...I thought bras with lumps were the way they were supposed to come. ;) That's how long it's been since I've gotten a new one. In fact...the last time I got new bras, they were Christmas presents from my mom--three years ago. Yikes. Good to know biofit is the way to go.

Stevensons said...

SO good to hear a bra review from someone else who is done growing and a 32 A! It's always been so hard finding bras that fit me so I"ve had to get super padded ones in bigger sizes to hide the gaping. I can't believe I'm admitting this but you get me, right? I've had a couple kids and I wish I could say they're bigger at the end of it all but oh my word, that's something to look forward to.

...love Maegan said...

lol ...I actually have found that the only bras I like are at Target for $11 ...which are easy to just toss when they get dirty. horrible but true.

Anonymous said...

The best time to buy bras at VS is January and August (bi-annual sale). I got a bio-fit for $12.99 and I love it. I only go into VS twice a year and hit up the sale...if you can wait it is well worth it.

Kimba said...

Siiiiiiiiigh. Can't wait until I can have a 'real' bra. :) The Target nursing bras aren't what you'd call fabulous.

I'll remember this though, when my boobies return to me. :) I was in need of a good bra BEFORE I got pregnant.

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