Monday, May 4, 2009

Fabulous Florals

This season floral prints are back in force. Which pleases me greatly because I love the feeling of sheer femininity I get when wearing them. There are such a myriad of options out there in practically every price range. From fun, flowing dresses that would work great with a light cardigan, to floral accessories... you really can't go wrong.

Floral Frame Woven Scarf ($7.80)/Floral Bubble Hem Dress ($22.80)

Sugared Mango Cardigan ($128)/Mountain Everlasting Skirt ($49.95)

Chiffon Ruffle Front Dress ($68)/Floral cardigan ($88)

Pretty Posey Necklace ($14)/Trixie Flower Blouse ($39.50)

Just remember not to over-floralize yourself. Take one floral piece and rock it... don't try to do too much with one outfit. And, as always, have fun!


Caitlin said...

That necklace is SOOO cute! Love it! I love warm weather and all the fun outfits it brings!

Mary said...

I ADORE the skirt! So beautiful. It's amazing, the prices of all the things you have on your blog are so affordable. I live in Ireland where the English chain shops actually cut the sterling price of price tags so customers won't do a price conversion for Euro and realise that we're being charged at least €15 more. It's maddening. It's why I rarely buy clothes and get jealous looking at them online!

(also, think of "myriad" as "many". You don't say "a myriad of options", just as you don't say "a many of options". It's just "There are myriad options". ^_^)

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