Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eyeshadow for grey eyes

This is a little addendum to my Eyeshadow 101 posts, because I have a friend who has grey eyes. Grey eyed beauties should stick with deep purples, cool browns and charcoals. Highlight with pearls and faint pinks, so long as they harmonize with the other colors you're using.

Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo in Earthly Riches

Also, MAC Eye Shadow in Print, Concrete, Sketch and Plum Dressing. I also like Covergirl's Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadows in Drama Eyes and Berries & Cream.


Kenna said...

Rock on. Thank you.

Maybe now I'll know what to do with these blasted grey eyes.

megan.herrod said...

Awsome advice.... so many people dont even realize that there isnt hardly any advice for grey eyes out there!

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