Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer is coming...

and even though I will {still} be cooped up in an office from 8-5:30 every M-F during this glorious season, I thought it was about dang time I posted a swimwear post. (Thanks to one of my lovely readers who suggested it!)

I will divide this series into three categories/posts and explain my perceived pros and cons (from personal experience) of each one. Well, let's get into it, shall we?

Category 1: Bikinis

In a previous post, I briefly explained why I like this type of suit, and two pieces in general. For me, one of the main reasons I like bikinis is because I can always find my size. I like the fact that I can mix and match sizes so that I can achieve a perfect fit. For instance, a few years back I found the loveliest suit; I most definitely needed the xs top (oh the beauties of being a 30 A) but didn't feel comfortable with the coverage (or should I say lack thereof) of the bottoms of the same size. So I bought the small bottoms, and in the process, better covered my bottom. I have friends that are more busty or have more booty that love utilizing the mix-and-match approach to swimwear, because they are able to get the suits they want and wear them in a way that caters to their bodies. Because tops and bottoms are sold separately, a lot of places have a lot of mix and match options. I love places like J Crew, Gap and even Victoria's Secret because they'll have a bunch of different tops and bottoms that all match, so you can go nuts. Personally, I like searching the Junior's department of Target for my bikinis, because they're so cheap! The bikini I got for Hawaii was super on sale (it's the green one below)... I think with shipping, it came to $15. You really can't beat that.

The downside to bikinis are... well for one... they don't provide a ton of coverage. I am of the mindset that if you have areas of your body that you are insecure about (don't we all?) that you should go for an option that provides more coverage. Also remember that less is not always more. There are plenty of bikinis out there that provide excellent coverage of both your top and your bottom... and I would recommend going this route. Meaning that I don't think that competing with Britney to see how low you can wear your bottoms is a prudent idea. (Unless you're in your back yard with nobody else around.) It kind of looks (a lot) trampy. Also, if you're into boating or other more interactive water activities, like water skiing or wake boarding, a bikini is not always the best bet. Let's just say there may or may not have been an instance where a hard wipe out skiing caused me to lose my bottoms for a few seconds. I'm just saying...

Below are a few of my current favorites.

Adjustable triangle top with matching bottoms ($15 top; $14.50 bottom)

Xhilaration Wide Stripe Swimwear ($5.24 per piece)

Ruffle Halter ($39.50) and Skirted Hipster ($36.50)

These are just a few that I found that I liked... but really the possibilities are endless. Remember, less is not always more. (In fact, it's rare that it is more.) So know your body and select pieces that you know you will be comfortable in and that flatter your shape. What works for one will not always work for another, and that's the brilliance of being an individual. Have fun with it!

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