Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why we love Z Gallerie

When the husb and I moved to the SLC, we inherited a gloriously long and deep couch from his father. Originally part of a sectional, our current sofa accommodates six, regular-sized to larger-sized humans comfortably, and has been the center of our Sunday naps for a good year and a half.

But it was starting to get uncomfortable.

Thus, we made the executive decision to become adults, and purchase our first serious piece of furniture. (Because, let's be honest, the rest of our furniture is all IKEA with a couple of Target accents. Which pieces we love, btw. But IKEA is NOT the place to buy a sofa. Trust me on this one.) We made a list of the characteristics our new sofa had to have in order to work with our living space and our lifestyle. Here's our list:

1. Dark brown leather
2. Long enough to fit husb with some room to spare
3. Deep enough to fit us both comfortably
3. Modern, clean lines
4. Comfortable

The husb found this glorious model on, and we were pleased to see that it was on the floor of their Salt Lake store. We circled around it, sat in it and fell in love with it. But, said we, we should shop around to see if we could find a better value for our money. After an ill-fated and uncomfortable trip to another furniture store that will remain nameless, we rushed back to our dear Monaco and apologized for being unfaithful.

The clincher for us was the customer service. We had previously chatted with a couple of employees that answered our questions without being pushy or too forward (the employees don't work on commission, so the atmosphere is a lot less stressful, and there's always someone available to answer your questions without the customers feeling obligated to buy). When we came in again, both of the employees remembered us and helped us with some follow up questions, comments and concerns we had. At one point, the sales associate led us to our beloved sofa, took off the lumbar pillows, and told us to both lay on it to see if it worked for us. Sounds strange, but it was helpful, since we were looking for a long and deep sofa, that could accommodate the husb's large frame. We got to see first hand that this sofa would fit us both quite nicely. And, we even received a thank you note from our favorite sales associate. Lovely.

We are now anxiously awaiting our new sofa's arrival.

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