Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I find it satisfying when companies seek to employ the idea of "fashion for a cause." It becomes vaguely annoying, however, when said "fashion for a cause" is kind of ugly and at the same time really trendy. (Remember the Livestrong bracelet hysteria? Eesh.)

Enter TOMS shoes.

I absolutely love the idea that when you buy a pair of shoes, a child in need will also get a pair of shoes. I love that said shoes are made to be inherently comfortable. But in truth, they were initially kind of ugly. And they've kind of become a status symbol of sorts. Which doesn't necessarily bother me, because it means that people are continually supporting the cause... but I have been reticent to buy a pair because I thought that buying a blah-colored flat didn't sound too appealing. (Though I think they'd be a fabulous and chicer alternative to a running shoe or something like that if you were going on a trip where you were going to have to walk a lot.)

Thankfully, TOMS has come out with some alternate options (including wedges, hooray!) that I actually think are pretty good-looking. They've produced their standard shoe in lots of amazing colors and prints as well. Which means I kind-of-sort-of-really want to buy them all. And it's even more satisfying to know that it's all for a good cause. My favorites are below:

in slate

Women's Classic in Morocco

Canvas Women's Wedges in Ash (also available in Cranberry, Black and Midnight Blue)

Wrap Boots in Rust (I also love them in Olive, Black and Blue)


Lindsey Wing said...

LOVE MY TOMS! So comfy!

Shannon said...

I hadn't seen their new lines, so thanks for sharing. I've always been a fan of the classic TOMS shoe...I don't know, it's just kind of my personality (the look, not the cause) and they just seem like they're so darn comfy. Haven't bought them yet, but I was actually seriously thinking about it last night, so funny you posted about this today. We're sharing the same wave length, I think. But I do love the wrap boots.

TOMS Shoes Fans said...

Have you seen some of the custom TOMS that people have designed? Some of them are amazing.

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