Monday, November 1, 2010

Going Gaga

For Halloween this year, I decided to channel Lady Gaga. This was due, in part, to the fact that I came across a wig online that was utterly perfect... not to mention the fact that I wanted to prove, once and for all, that I look MUCH better with my current shade of hair. (Excepting Halloween, blonde is just not a good look for me.)

Due to the popularity of my Halloween muse, I wanted to find a look that was a little more subtle, off the beaten path, if you will. (So, no "meat dress" for me.)

With this in mind, I decided to mimic the all-black look from the "Bad Romance" music video:

I purchased a dress, leggings and sunnies from Forever 21, which left me with the crown portion of the ensemble. I decided to be ambitious and make the crown myself, and I think it turned out pretty well. I started with a base of black poster board, and cut each prong of the crown out individually. I affixed each prong to the base, and secured everything with tape. Then, I took some inexpensive black lace, and overlaid it atop the poster board, cutting out and gluing the lace to each respective prong. It was time-consuming, but satisfying.

Here is the end result...

Happy Halloween, darlings!

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