Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sumptuous Skirting

Lately, I feel like there's nothing better than a great skirt and pair of tights. It's a look that can be as classic as it is edgy, as casual as it is dressy... and all in all, I like the overtly feminine vibe this combo communicates. Fall and winter are the perfect time to start perfecting this look, as your glorious gams lose the last of their summer bronze. (And, in my case, the razor gets a bit of a respite.)

I love a good pencil skirt. There's something about the way they're structured that leaves me all giddy. The pencil skirt is a great standby if you work in an office, as it exudes a professional look and feel. This year, I've been looking for pencil skirts with a fun print. Because there's nothing that brightens up a winter day like a great punch of color. These skirts go great with a pair of solid tights, like these or these

Another great silhouette is the a-line. I love the classic look and feel of this style. It's a fun way to feel dressy without looking overdone. As a hosiery companion, I would look for stockings with a delicate pattern, like these or these.

The fall/winter season is a great time to play around with prints and textures, whether it be in the skirts you don, or the hosiery you select. And the funnest part is discovering them all. Happy shopping!

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Shannon said...


and my favorites are:

Hellebore Sweater Skirt
Tea Time Skirt
Hortulan Pencil Skirt

and of course, two out of the three are way out of my price range...rats. but at least i've got good taste (or friends with classy taste that share their results results with me). I'm thinking about ordering that Tea Time Skirt right about NOW.

Now, I need advice on what to pair it with. Would you be so kind?

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