Monday, May 23, 2011

It's all about the hardware

Living in the city means sacrificing square footage. Though our current apartment has two bedrooms, said bedrooms are not very large. Especially when trying to combine a study with a nursery. With this in mind, the husb and I decided to look for something that could serve as both storage and a changing table, to better utilize our limited amount of space. Initially, we looked online for a second-hand dresser that we could refurbish and use, but after a lot of disappointments, we decided to go another route.

Enter IKEA.

I happen to love this store, mainly because you can get really modern, chic furniture for a great deal. And any accompanying nicks can be remedied via Sharpie. Everything is built to last long enough, which is what we have needed in our transitory life up to this point. I found this dresser, and found that dimension-wise, it was perfect for our needs, but I was underwhelmed by the cheap, plastic knobs that accompanied it.

So we picked up six of these, which the husb adeptly added to our new purchase.




The photo doesn't really do this justice. The new knobs five it a higher-end, more-customized look, all with a budget-conscious price. Hardware is the quickest way to amp up any standard piece.
(And acrylic paint does wonders with any flaws that may exist.)

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