Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fashion do or don't: animal-themed sweaters

Last winter in the sweater world, we saw the return of chunky cables and throwback snowflake patterns. While it's true that the silhouettes were a bit more tailored, the patterns and textures a little more sophisticated (though still colorful and fun), the spirit and the whimsy were the same as their predecessors. 

This year, retailers are imbuing a new trend, which ties in nicely to last year's style: the animal-themed sweater. Personally, I'm a bit torn. (Though, I'll admit that I wouldn't mind owning #2 below.) There's a fine line between whimsy and kitsch, which begs the question...

Are animal-themed sweaters a fashion do 
or a fashion don't
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Sound off below! 


Anonymous said...

i'm on the fence... leaning toward a fashion do!!

Shannon said...

uh, my stance still stands. because i saw a grown woman with a sweater on that had a yorkshire puppy embroidered on it. looks too ritzy/rich for me. like, "hi, i'm rich and ritzy and I have my dog Feefee on my sweater to prove it." don't like. makes me feel uncomfortable in a "do you know you have a dog on your sweater?" sort of way...coupled with a side ponytail, and it just starts getting out. of. control. No, no, no, to animal prints on clothing. for me, at least. but, once again, it is only because i would never dare try and/or be able to pull it off. maybe the side pony tail. but never the animal sweater.

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