Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A New Direction

As some of you may have noticed, there have been a few minor design tweaks made to the blog. I'm in the process of a more in-depth redesign, but am moving forward with some exciting new content in the meantime. I'm pleased to announce a new weekly format to the blog, one which will hopefully inspire me to post on a more regular and targeted basis. Though you might not see a post for every day (though I will hopefully get to that point) you will definitely see more targeted content.

Stay tuned for the following:

Makeup Mondays: I'll share my favorite products, provide tutorials and address skin care... I'll also discuss tips and tricks that have worked for me, and those that haven't.

Trendy Tuesdays: These posts will involve current trends in fashion, lifestyle, home decor, etc. They'll range from the practical to the impractical, and you will definitely be encouraged to participate (as always) in the comments section.

Wee Wednesdays: A day devoted to the little ones, and/or motherhood-related content. Posts will encompass baby style and products I can't live without, among other things.

"Like it" v. "Love it" Thursdays: I'm sorry to break my awesome alliterative streak, but there's only so many words that begin with "th." (And I don't think thrombotic will suffice.) I will bring back a feature that I've previously written on the blog that will compare high and low items.

Fashion Fridays: Where it'll be all fashion, all the time. Well, you know, on Fridays.

Check back on Monday for the first installment of "Makeup Monday."

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