Monday, April 1, 2013

Makeup on the go

I don't know about you, but it seems like the only moments I need to retouch my makeup are precisely those moments when I realize I've forgotten to throw said makeup into my purse, diaper bag or laptop case.  

I've been that girl who found out I had a last minute meeting with an important client, only to realize that the zit I had thought was sufficiently covered had met it's 3 p.m. makeup-fading demise. (And just so we're clear, cystic acne is no one's best friend.) I've also been that girl who told her then-boyfriend (now husband) to pick her up a half an hour later than planned because I had to "work late" because my face was in desperate need of a makeup intervention.  

My solution? Carry the essentials with you at all times.

My problem used to be that I wanted to take my entire makeup bag with me, which oft times isn't very practical. So I found a small, inexpensive makeup bag that I knew would be unobtrusive in my purse, and filled it with some essentials.

1. Hair Ties - In case of a rainstorm, a bad hair day or just because you're in the mood to switch things up a bit, it's always a good idea to have a quick hair solution.  I like these because they add a little flair, and they're easier on your hair than a typical elastic band. I also like to have a few bobby pins on hand, just in case. 

2. Pressed Powder - A good pressed powder is an integral part of keeping your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. I like this option because, even those it's a bit spendy, a little bit goes a long way. It's perfect to blot out a bit of excess oil in the t-zone, or to set a bit of concealer. 

3. Facial Moisturizer - I have really dry skin, so I like to have a moisturizer on hand at all times that will combat any potential dryness. I love this brand, because it manages to achieve intense hydration without a greasy finish. When need, I can even blot it lightly over my existing makeup for just a hint of a dewy finish.

4. Mascara - A good one (especially at a decent price) is hard to find, which is why I'm currently enthralled with Buxom. It provides me with the volume I love, and doesn't smudge. At all. Amazing.

5. Multi-Purpose Makeup Stick - I love the versatility of The Multiple because I can use it as a blush and as a lip color. And it lasts for a loooong time. (My current favorite is G-spot, which whilst typing it felt a bit awkward, but hey, I didn't make up the name.)

6. Concealer - A must, really. I like this formula because it provides great coverage without being cakey. A little goes a long way.

7. Eye Shadow Duo - In the event that you end up going to an event (see what I did there?) that requires you to amp up your day look, make sure you have a neutral eye shadow duo in your to-go makeup arsenal. Mine consists of a darker brown shade with a hint of luster (that I can also use for my brows in a pinch) and a lighter complimentary color (that can also be used --sparingly-- as a highlighter). Look for a palette that enhances your natural features that is universal enough to go with most ensembles. 

8. Lip Treatment - I find that the use of lipstick (or The Multiple) can be a bit drying, so I always make sure that I have a hydrating lip treatment handy. It's either this (which adds a hint of color) or this, which I'll wear plain or layer with color if I want more of a statement lip. 

7. Travel Size Makeup Brushes - I always include a blush/powder brush and an eyeliner/eyebrow brush, but you should choose the brushes that you use the most. Look for travel sets, so that the brushes will be less obtrusive (and less expensive). I got mine years ago from MAC, and they have served me well. If you don't want to spend as much, try this brand from Target. 

Striped makeup bag: Target (no longer available) // Hair ties: Anthropologie // Powder: Laura Mercier // Moisturizer: Philosophy // Mascara: Buxom // Multi-purpose makeup stick: NARS // Concealer: Smashbox // Eye shadow duo: Stila (no longer available) // Lip treatment: Fresh // Travel size makeup brushes: MAC (no longer available) 

The key is to pare down your typical beauty routine to the essentials. If you have fabulous, clear skin, you might forgo the concealer and just have the powder on hand. If your skin is more oily, skip the lotion and include oil absorbing sheets. If you're not into eyeshadow, but love a great cat eye, incorporate a liquid liner instead. You get the idea. The less bulky the item, the better.

Do you have any makeup questions that you'd like addressed? If so, contact me here


Liv said...

I love those little sample beauty bags from Target.

My question about the hair ties is how well they hold back thick hair. I'm hesitant to try them because regular elastics usually give out on me since my hair is HEAVY. Or do you just use them for low ponies? Tying off a braid?

lauren said...


The hair ties work well with thick hair, but they tend to slide out of the hair over time if they're not tight enough. If you're going for a high pony, I'd recommend using a regular elastic and then putting the hair tie over the elastic as a decorative element. But I use them for regular ponies, buns and braids all the time and they work well for me. Plus, they're easier on the hair than a standard-issue hair elastic.


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