Friday, April 12, 2013

Black and White for Spring

This spring, I am loving graphic black and white color combinations, particularly those I've seen from Zara. It's a crisp, fresh take on the season, with a whole bunch of versatility built in. This color combo provides a seamless transition from winter to spring (especially if you live somewhere where spring hasn't really happened yet.) If you're afraid of being so monochromatic, add in a punch of color in your accessories or makeup. Or balance out a patterned bottom with a colorful top with a simple silhouette, and vice versa. 

Below are a few of my current favorites. (Oh that I could buy them all...) 
Black and White for Spring

Combined dress // Combination print top // Contrasting sleeves top // Cotton top // Combination coat //Striped skirt // Striped pants


Shannon said...

and this spring, I am loving the fact that you are blogging! Loving it. I also love those children's books. I just discovered them two weeks ago through a friend; they are brilliant. I thought of you two days ago when I purchased a shirt that is darling, but that I wouldn't normally purchase because it is pretty trendy. I may be brave and wear it tomorrow. hope all is well. keep the posts coming.

lauren said...

You'll have to text me a pic of said shirt. I'm sure you look fab in it! (Not like it's hard to look fab when you're tall, skinny and gorgeous. Just saying.) :)

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