Monday, April 26, 2010

Wall Decor with a twist

The past few years, wallpaper has returned with a vengeance. I posted about the conundrum of whether or not to capitalize on this ephemeral trend, because it will inevitably become obsolete and dated once again, if only for a few years.

Though I still favor the idea of putting just a bit on a tiny accent wall or area, I found a few, less permanent, options that may satisfy my desire to have pattern on my walls without having to live through the horrors of wallpaper installation. (Or, worse yet, the horrors of changing my mind and then having to take the wallpaper down. I shudder at the mere thought.) Enter wall decals. The same idea as wallpaper, but refreshingly less permanent. I scoped out a few of my favorites just for you:

First Flight Wall Decals | Bird Branch Decal (both at Urban Outfitters)

Damask Decal (at Urban Outfitters)

For more of a color-blocked look (you could even frame them for fun), I found these:

Though I think they would have to be utilized in a "less is more" type of a fashion. (Can't you just picture the fuchsia damask in a fun college dorm room? Why were these not around a few years ago?)

I know the aforementioned options are all very damask or tree oriented, but these are the versions I could find that were just abstract enough without being too kitschy or cheesy.  Remember, too, that it's all about the application. Because too much of a good thing is still too much.

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