Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Geometric wall patterns for the win

Welcome to the first "Trendy Tuesday" post. I hope you enjoy!

Currently, my favorite trend in the realm of home design/decor is that of the wall decal. It's a great alternative to wallpaper (especially if you are commitment-phobic like I am). I addressed this idea a few years ago here, but have found that my current aesthetic is leaning toward more geometric designs. (I am really over damask... though I think the more whimsical tree decals I previously found could look fab in a nursery or kid's room.) 

Given my current preferences, I was thrilled to discover Walls by Mur, a local (for me) company with loads of style and panache. In their own words: 

"We provide innovative, removable wall designs to enhance the look of a home, business or set. Mur's Removable Adhesive Wall Patterns are an affordable, less permanent alternative to paint and wallpaper. By combining any of our color and sizing options you can create your own pattern or replicate one of our many designs. Our designs are not limited to walls; they also bring the perfect punch of excitement to dressers, bookshelves, cabinets, or smaller spaces."

You. Guys. I am totally hooked. Maybe even a little bit obsessed.

First, I bought these and added a bit of fun to my bedroom wall (I apologize in advance for the iPhone photos and the fact that I can't seem to able to hold my phone exactly straight, because said photos really don't do the product justice)...

Then I decided to add a band of these to my daughter's room. As a bit of a backstory, when we bought our house, the designated nursery was painted two colors: blue and orange. I wanted the room to be brighter and more feminine, so we painted the room two shades of yellow. Except that the shades were so similar, you couldn't differentiate between the two. So I wanted to create a bit more dimension without having to repaint the walls. 

The results turned out just like I imagined...

I also still have a set of these that need to be installed somewhere. Because I'm obsessed and all that. 

Overall, I have absolutely loved the quality and look of this product, so I had to share my discovery. 

P.S. If you act fast, you can capitalize on a deal on their 'mini dots' that is currently available at Brickyard Buffalo. You're welcome. :) 

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Liv said...

When you first posted your triangle wall on FB, I cringed b/c I thought you HAND-PAINTED IT. And that seemed like a lot of work. I'm so glad they're decals!! I mean, that's obviously still a lot of work, but less cringe-worthy.

And, I ordered some mini dots for my kitchen via Brickyard. Thanks for the tip!

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