Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mama Fashion: Casual

Every once in awhile I have a bit of a fashion crisis, where I'm not really sure what to wear. Let me clarify a bit. I used to be a working mama, and found it easy to continue to dress as I used to, pre-baby. Since I've made the transition to being at home full-time, I often grapple with what to wear. 

My nicer knits and office wear are now saved for special occasions, and I refuse to wear workout clothes/sweats all day. (Maybe because I don't own any? Though, in my opinion, leggings are fair game.)

Today, I've put together an outfit that I think strikes the balance between being functional and fashionable. Also, I happen to own the tee and pants that are featured, and can attest that they are both great options for an active mama chasing around her kid(s). 
Mama Fashion: Casual

The perfect tee
For me, it was finding the perfect tee. One that was comfortable but also felt special in some way. And I'm so happy I found it. (Though I'm sad that it doesn't come in the amazing mint color I own online.) 

Comfy, yet stylish pants
I love these striped trousers because they are very in harmony with what's happening in fashion (i.e. linear patterns and black and white), but aren't too fussy. 

Fun flats
Finding a great pair of flats is key for a day at the playground. It helps that they're really in style right now, but for me, this is mainly functional. 

Colorful bangles (or another great accessory)
My daughter just loves to pull at my earrings and necklaces, so I have found that bracelets are the way to go. I love the variety and colors of this set

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