Monday, May 20, 2013

From the archives: Eyeshadow 101

Happy Monday, all! Today, I'm focusing on a series that I wrote awhile back called "Eyeshadow 101." (Because who doesn't need a little eyeshadow refresher every so often?)

"Eyeshadow 101" is a four-part series that hones in on the best eyeshadow shades for each eye color, and how to create great "every day eye" and "dramatic eye" looks. I also provide my favorite eyeshadow options. Click on the links below to read the original posts. 

Part One (Brown eyes)
Part Two (Green/Hazel eyes)
Part Three (Blue eyes)
Part Four (Grey eyes) 

(Whew, I used the word "eyeshadow" a lot in two paragraphs. Yay for me?)

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